Variable volume inflatable components are typically used when mobile tanks have more than one loading or off-loading address for their cargo during one transportation run or when the to be transported volumes of liquids by a mobile tank vary from one to the next transport. The liquid only partially filling the mobile holder for part of each transportation run is subject to sloshing when no inflated component is applied. Typical examples of such liquid transportation with multiple (off-)loading addresses are:

  • Milk trucks loading milk at several farms before returning to a milk factory where the (near to) 100% fill of the tank is offloaded, or
  • Fuel trucks leaving a refinery or terminal (as near as legally allowed)100% liquid filled, and off-loading at more than one fuel station.

Slosh mitigation over the full range of operationally possible filling levels of the tank and multiple temporary fill levels due to various (off-)loading requirements of a liquid cargo may be possible by applying a variable volume inflatable component system. Such full range of operationally required fill levels usually is 0 -100% of the tank volume.

variable volume inflatable component of a slosh mitigation product

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