Accede is an innovative Dutch organisation that researches liquid dynamics and the science of liquid slosh mitigation. Accede creates, develops and makes operational Cairbag® systems for various applications such as tank trucks, tank containers, fuel tanks, tank-ships, tank-rail wagons and LNG containment systems. These innovations are based on own developed anti-slosh theories, on which the thesis was successfully PhD defended end 2017 at the University of Twente. The research included and extensive testing of (scale) models and certification of full scale practical applications

Accede holds worldwide patent rights for air cushion applications (used alone or in combination with product holding bags) with the exception of airbag applications in cars protecting human life and uses the registered name Cairbag® for these cushion applications.

Accede was  founded in 1999 and initially developed reactive airbag systems for trucks aiming at mitigating the risks and damage of truck and cargo in case of a keel-over accidents. It soon became apparent that similar products preventing accidents were more attractive and the focus shifted towards the further development of preventive products.

Accede questions basic, historically grown misconceptions about the stability of means of transportation of liquids, of safety and environmental standards in a non-traditional manner aiming at total elimination of sloshing, emissions, spills and energy waste.  Accede b.v. explores the cause of undesired situations and offers solutions thereto rather than dealing with the consequences.

Amongst Accede’s newest innovations are special LNG anti-slosh applications for membrane containment systems using self developed low temperature, LNG resistant thermoplast materials. Based on this material and on detailed knowledge of primary Kapok and 3 dimensional textiles, Accede progressed into creating new thermal isolation possibilities.

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"Accede" is a Business Unit of "Acorns b.v."